Hatha Yoga


Yoga is a philosophy of living.  It goes beyond a purely physical practice, and becomes a way to integrate our body, mind and spirit; transcend our personal limitations; and eventually understand our own true nature.

Hatha Yoga – with Jessica Wiese

An invigorating and flowing style of yoga.  Incorporating many Yoga styles, with clear alignment instructions and adjustments.  This is a 60 minute class bringing clients to their bodies and their breath first, invigorating with a subsequent calming and restorative focus.

Wednesday’s – 11am -12pm

Friday’s – 6pm-7pm

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Ashtanga Beginners workshops 

Asthanga Yoga with Donna Ager. Ashtanga is a system of Yoga which involves synchronising the breath with of a progressive series of postures, a process which truly and completely produces that of intense internal heat that helps with detoxification of the muscles and organs of the body.

It is a Vinyasa style yoga combining a series of flowing postures with rhythmic breathing for an intense body and mind workout .

It’s purpose? is for internal cleansing. Breathing and moving together while performing asanas.

The sweat generated by Ashtanga practice is also beneficial, because it removes the toxins from the body. This workshop is also designed to provide you with fundamentals and considerations for a safe and balanced practice when joining other more-advanced classes.

Donna our Ashtanga Yoga teacher will take you through this 6 week journey where you will feel a powerful sense of well-being once you’ve completed the course. 

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6 Week Course starts January 14th £60 

Sunday’s 10.30 – 12.00 



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Beginners Yoga Workshops


This 6-week course offers an introduction to the basic principles of Yoga.

You will experience postures and movements, which alleviate tightness in back, hips and shoulders. You will learn how to activate your body, how to relax, and how to apply your breath to help you with this.

The workshop is also designed to provide you with fundamentals and considerations for a safe and balanced practice when joining other more-advanced classes (like Vinyasa Flow, Hot Yoga or Ashtanga classes).

Coming soon! 

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Life is so fast paced these days.

Meditation can help with more than you think.


Weight loss



Just feeling good

Wednesday’s 12pm-12.30pm

Friday’s 7pm-7.30pm

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Mindfulness Workshops


Mindfulness practice and meditation has been proven to enhance well-being, reduce stress levels and alleviate anxiety and depressive states. Our Yoga Teacher Jessie runs regular workshops, which cover different aspects and exercises to familiarise you with the manifold beneficial effects mindfulness yields for you.

Practising mindfulness, practising being entirely present in the moment, will help to feel more vivid and alive in the instant, instead of dwelling on the past or anticipating the future. You will experience prompt and enduring effects regarding lowered perceived stress levels and feel an increase in life satisfaction, fulfilment and well-being. No matter if this will be your first workshop or if you are already experienced, this afternoon will yield a restorative, inspiring time for you. Jessie is looking forward to help you create some peace in your fast-paced life!

Jessies’ next date for her mindfulness workshop will be coming soon. Please check for updates.  

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