November 12th Join Jessie a 2 hours Sunday Mindfulness Mini Retreat at Shaping Futures £25.

12pm – 2pm 


In our fast paced lives, it is easy to loose the connection to ourselves. How often are we thinking about the past or are anticipating the future? How often are we actually present in this moment – present for ourselves to feel more fulfilled, and present for others to live fulfilled relationships?

In this workshop, you will explore different mindfulness – based practices techniques, which can enrich your life considerably. All of those exercises can be easily integrated into your everyday life.

No matter if you are now to mindfulness and its practice or what to deepen or refresh your experience, this workshop will offer a peaceful, inspiring time and dedicated to yourself.


  • Felling more content.
  • feeling less stressed.
  • Being more grounded and feeling uplifted, happier.
  • perceiving more, living more fulfilled.