Personal Training for Weight Loss / Fitness

For anyone taking their first steps into a gym with the aim of getting fit and healthy or someone who has plateaued with their normal regime, call to arrange an appointment with one of our personal trainers.

Our trainers can work with men and women of all ages, some of whom have never exercised in their life but know now is the time to make that change.

Our instructor’s are all energetic, motivational and will have a personable approach and the ability to adapt all training programme’s to take you through your journey to achieve your individual goals. 

Personal Training with JonathanPersonal Training with Viki

Pilates Personal Training


Leila offers one on one or private group training.
Private sessions can be great for focussing just on you.  So Leila can tailor the session for your needs and abilities.
Leila offers private sessions in Mat Pilates, Reformer Pilates or the Full Pilates System which includes Mat, Reformer, Ladder Barrel, Cadillac, Chairs and Spine Corrector.
Private sessions can be 30 or 55 minutes.
Great for
– Brand new to Pilates
– Weight loss
– Back pain
– Taking Pilates to the next level
– Hyper mobility
– Pregnancy
– Preparing for a specific sport
– Developing core & muscular strength
– Rehabilitation
Prices for one on one:
£32 for 30 mins or £300 for 10
£60 for 55 mins or £575 for 10     
Prices for 2 + people: 
£75 for 60 mins or £720 for 10        

For more information on how to get Personal Training with Leila call 0191 386 4865

or email 

Yoga & Meditation Personal Training



Our in house Yoga teacher Jessie will Personal teach you the art of Yoga.  Jessie is a highly qualified Yoga teacher, trained in many styles of Yoga.  She will have you feeling amazing in no time.

-£45 an hour

For more information on how to get Personal Training with Jessie call 0191 386 4865

or email 

Dance Personal Training



Whether you are an adult or child if you want to learn any style of Dance from Ballet to Salsa to Hip Hop Rachael will help you.   Great for couples wanting a routine for their 1st dance at their wedding.

-£35 an hour 

For more information on how to get Private Dance Instruction with Rachael call 0191 386 4865

or email